Activities and Information for the General Public

 Water Facts

Handouts from US EPA

Streams in the City
Facts and information on water in an urban area

Stop Pointless Personal Pollution
Information on how everyday chores can harm the streams and lakes

Nonpoint Source Pointers Fact Sheets
Provides 11 pointers with background information on nonpoint source pollution and managing techniques

Water Resources Toolkit provided by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Georgia's 14 River Basins Map & Georgia's 52 Large Watersheds Map

PowerPoint Presentations:

Storm Drain Stencils, Recycling, & Nonnative Plant Species Information

Storm Drain Stencils 

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle: Environmental Education Resources

Recycling Saves Money

Plastic Bags: Suffocating the World

Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council
Bring awareness to nonnative plant species

Invite an Environmental Education Organization

To locate a directory of Georgia Environmental Education Providers and other environmental education material, visit Environmental Education in Georgia.

Adopt-A-Stream Program

Invite a coordinator from the Adopt-A-Stream program, Rivers Alive's parent program, to talk about nonpoint source pollution and their volunteer water-monitoring program. Georgia Adopt-A-Stream encourages individuals and communities to monitor and/or improve sections of streams, wetlands, lakes or estuaries. Manuals, training, and technical support are provided through Georgia EPD and more than 50 established local Adopt-A-Stream organizers. You can also request copies of the You're the Solution to Water Pollution brochure and poster to distribute

Additional Training for Citizens